Artist, Illustrator, Art Educator. 
In style Since 1991
I am an artist, an illustrator and an Art Educator. I love playing with colours, working with forms and figures. I like narrating my dreams, experiences and thoughts through visual art.
When I was a child, my evenings were spent watching my father paint his canvases in our living room, which doubled as his studio. I use to enjoy watching him mixing colours and putting them on canvas with rhythmic wrist movements. My fascination toward art was organic and effortless which has shaped my career in the way it is today.
My themes revolve around my observations and experience from a woman’s point of view.  I put my notions on canvas in a mix of pen and ink and acrylic paints mainly. I like registering details on the forms that I draw. I enjoy narrating feminine themes and at times feel the need to express my support toward feminism from Indian social point of view. I keep exploring my medium, and themes. As an illustrator I try and render the client’s needs as honestly as I can.